Department of Power Engineering (KEE)

The Department has a long-term tradition of preparing experts in electrical and thermal production, transmission, distribution, electrical energy, electrical equipment, high-voltage technology, and EMC. Last but not least, the Department's activities are also focused on the environmental aspects of the energy industry, especially on the use of renewable energy sources and their integration into energy systems. The Department cooperates closely with significant power industry companies not only in the preparation of the future energy experts but also in the framework of their scientific and development activities. (ČEPS, ČEZ, E.ON, Siemens, Nilan, Reheat, Peartec, Conti Therm, 2VV, EnergyCloud, eurotop in, Südluft Systemtechnik)

The Department participates in guaranteeing teaching in the bachelor's field and the master's fields of Electrical Power Engineering and Applied Electrical Engineering. Newly, the specialization of Electrical Power Engineering in the master's study program Power Systems and Power Engineering. It is possible to continue in the doctoral study in Electrical Power Engineering under the guarantee of KEE.

Teaching is complemented by lectures by experts from practice in classrooms and directly in real energy operations. One- and multi-day training programs are organized for students in various operations (power plants, transformer stations, dispatching workplaces), even abroad.

The Department of Power Engineering is also equipped with laboratory equipment. It is possible to model real operating and fault situations or use SW products for design activities. These include, for example, high-voltage and electromagnetic compatibility laboratories. Students have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a set of equipment for resistance tests and interference measurements in the accredited laboratory of electromagnetic compatibility. Within the university workplaces, the Department has unique, a new laboratory of electrothermal technology with a cold crucible, which enables the melting of metal oxides. The electrical protection laboratory was also newly equipped with the latest technology. The set of alternative sources of electricity for educational and experimental measurements is unique. Other laboratories are focused on the technology of electric light, electrical devices, and the design of electrical wiring.

  • the winner of the Energy Globe Award 2008 (Ecological Oscar) in the Youth category for Renewable Energy Minipark project, serving for research and educational purposes
  • an active member of the CENEN association of educational institutions (Czech Nuclear Education Network)

  • Free market economics in power engineering
  • Modeling and simulation of steady and transient processes in power devices
  • Calculations and modeling of physical phenomena of electrothermal processes, especially during induction heating, e.g., in a cold crucible
  • Conversion of electricity into useful heat for technological purposes, heating, air conditioning, and domestic water heating
  • Increasing the efficiency of operation of electrothermal devices
  • Control and data collection in applications of electrothermal processes
  • Electrothermal technologies in environmental engineering
  • Operation of lighting systems