Department of Materials and Technology (KET)

The Department ensures lectures in all branches of master's and bachelor's studies in areas of technologies and materials for electrical engineering and electronics, measurements and measuring systems, business, and management of industrial systems in electrical engineering.

In terms of research and development, the Department is divided into two mutually complementary material research and diagnostics teams, led by prof. Ing. Aleš Hamáček, Ph.D., and doc. Ing. František Steiner, Ph.D.
A part of the Department is a microscope laboratory, which is the regional reference workplace of Olympus Czech Group, s.r.o., and acoustic laboratories with reverberation and non-echo chamber, a workplace for structural analysis.

Besides, the Department cooperates with external companies in solving specific tasks.
Companies also cooperate in the educational sphere in the form of lectures, excursions, and announcing topics of diploma and bachelor theses.