The applicant's scientific or artistic qualification is verified in the habilitation procedure, especially on the basis of the habilitation thesis and its defense and other scientific, professional or artistic work. Another evaluation criterion is his / her pedagogical competence based on the evaluation of the habilitation lecture and previous pedagogical practice.

The habilitation procedure is initiated at the proposal of the applicant. The proposal must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, evidence of obtained university education and relevant titles, documents certifying pedagogical practice, a list of scientific, professional or artistic works, a list of completed scientific, professional or artistic internships, both domestic and foreign, or other documents certifying scientific or artistic qualifications. In the proposal, the candidate will also indicate the branch in which he / she asks for habilitation. He / she will also present habilitation work.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen can perform habilitation procedures in these branches:

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electrical Power Engineering

Regulations related to the associate professorship procedure