Procedure for appointment of a professor

Pedagogical and scientific or artistic qualifications of a candidate who is an outstanding and recognized scientific or artistic personality in his / her field of study shall be proved in the procedure for an appointment for a professor. The pre-requisite for the commencement of the proceedings is the previous appointment of an associate professor on the basis of a habilitation procedure if it included submission of the habilitation thesis. In exceptional cases, when a candidate to be nominated for a professor already is a professor at a renowned university abroad, the Rector may, at the suggestion of a scientific or artistic council of the higher education institution, excuse the prior appointment for an associate professor as a prerequisite of this candidate.

Proceedings for the appointment of a professor shall be initiated at the proposal of the candidate supported by at least two written recommendations of professors of the same or a related field, or at the request of a dean or a rector, submitted to the scientific board of the faculty having accreditation for the given field, or to the scientific or artistic council of the university, in case the accreditation belongs to the university.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia can perform habilitation procedures in the following branches:

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electrical Power Engineering

Regulations related to the professorship procedure