Research and development at FEL UWB

Science and research are one of the pillars at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. We solve the R&D area in the form of project activities, contract research, or additional activities.

Research activities

In scientific research, the activities of the Faculty are focused on a wide range of topics. Key topics include power electronics, drives, materials research, mathematical-physical modeling, energy, industrial systems, electronics, testing, or diagnostics, and testing.

The Faculty's leading research is concentrated in the Research and Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering (RICE). In the field of research, RICE builds on the traditional areas of FEE. The long-term intention is to cover the complete research chain "basic research → applied research → functional/technological model/prototype → new / substantially innovated .product/technology."  This approach has a significant impact in terms of the transfer and commercialization of the results achieved, as RICE has long managed to move from key knowledge transfer to the transfer of complex and experimentally proven technologies, the industrialization of which is significantly easier and faster.

RICE includes the Electrical Engineering Laboratory (ETL, accredited testing laboratory No. 1090), offering many certifications and pre-certification tests in the field of electrical engineering. For the vast majority of them, ETL is certified by the Czech Institute for Accreditation according to the ČSN EN ISO 17025 standard.

An overview of applied outputs is available on the server partnerstvi.fel.zcu.cz (in the Czech language).

The Faculty has accredited studies in doctoral study programmes; it is authorized to conduct habilitation proceedings and appointment proceedings as a professor.

What are you interested in?

Examples of solved projects


Earth fault compensation devices


Smart sheet with intelligent tracks based on conductive threads


Multiphase systems - the future of electric vehicles


New generation of compact power unit designed for rail vehicles

Regulations related to the research and development