Bachelor studies

We have created one joint study program, thanks to which you will gain a broad base of expertise, which will allow you to specialize whenever you want. For studying in English click below.
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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

A joint study program will give you a broad base of electrical and information technology expertise. This program is not only about electrical engineering, but also programming, robotics, electromobility, management, ecology, and much more. In elective subjects, you have the opportunity to develop and study everything you're interested in.

Title: Bachelor, Bc. (equivalent to Bachelor of Science, BSc.)
Study duration: 3 years
Form: full-time in Czech or English language, combined in Czech language

Possibility of study placements abroad.


• Learn to use PC technology to design electrical devices.
• Learn how robots are made and programmed, or where we encounter microprocessors, communication, and regulatory technology everywhere.
• Learn all that lies in the power of an electric vehicle, how to design it, mathematically model it, simulate it, and bring it to life.
• You will be able to design, characterize, and use materials for electrical engineering.
• Figure out how radio, phone, and TV communication works.

Career opportunities

The field is great preparation for studying for follow-up master's degrees.

• Electrical Power Engineering
• Electronics and Information Technology
• Materials and Technologies for Electrical Engineering
• Applied Electrical Engineering - combined form

Or you can be successful in practice - start and run your own business. Be sure to ask about job opportunities in Skoda Auto, AKKA, ZF Engineering Plzeň, Siemens, Skoda Transportation, ČEPS, ČEZ, Daikin, Bosch.