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We have created one joint study program, thanks to which you will gain a broad base of expertise, which will allow you to specialize whenever you want.
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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Thanks to the joint study program, you will gain knowledge from all areas of electrical engineering and information technology. Then you can decide for yourself whether you will continue your follow-up master engineering studies, go and be successful in practice, or set up a company and start your own business.

Title: Bachelor, Bc. (equivalent to Bachelor of Science, BSc.)
Study duration: 3 years
Form: full-time or combined
Language of instruction: Czech or English

Possibility of study placements abroad.

Contents of the study

The study includes theoretical and practical courses. You will find out how radio, telephone, and television communication works, how robots are manufactured and programmed, or where we encounter microprocessors, communication, and control technology. You will learn what lies in the drive of an electric vehicle, how to design, mathematically model, simulate and revive it. You will learn to use PC technology to design electrical equipment or model electrical and thermal conditions inside the equipment. Within the study field of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, you will gain a broader range of knowledge thanks to optional study courses.

Career opportunities

The field is excellent preparation for the study of follow-up master's courses. You can focus on, for example, transport electrical engineering and car electronics or telecommunication and multimedia systems. If you decide to go into practice, you can be excellent designers, planners, or test technicians. Be sure to ask about the work, such as in Škoda Auto, MBtech, or ZF Engineering Pilsen.

Major employers:

Škoda Auto, KOSTAL, MB Tech, Valeo, Automotive Light, Continental Automotive, WITTE Automotive, ZF Engineering Pilsen, Siemens, Škoda Transportation, Omexon, Eurosoft, ČEPS, ČEZ, Daikin, Bosch, Škoda Electric, Panasonic, KOSTAL, Valeo, Automotive Light, TES Vsetín, Inelsev motors Litvínov