Every applicant for study and FEL student has the opportunity to apply for accommodation in the UWB dormitory. The application must be submitted again for each academic year. The application is submitted electronically on the SKM website according to the relevant Accommodation Schedule. The nearest dormitories are about a 15-minute walk from the university campus in Bory. Accommodation services for students are provided at the UWB by the Administration of Dormitories and Canteens of the UWB in Pilsen (SKM) - http://skm.zcu.cz.

We help foreign students arrange accommodation in the dormitory. Contact us if you are interested in this type of accommodation.


If you prefer a higher standard of living, you can find private accommodation anywhere in the city, or use the Heimstaden apartment complex, which is located near the University.

What is living in Heimstaden complex like?