Electrical Engineering? What is it?

Electrical engineering is a dynamic field full of innovation and possibilities that is shaping the future of technology. Do you have an idea of how homes are becoming smart? How are robots changing industry, and our daily lives? How to contribute to sustainability through technological advances? How to make an organic transistor? How to make electromobility part of everyday life? How to communicate with satellites? All this and much more is the work of electrical engineers and electrical engineers.

Modern electrical engineering is the design, programming, modelling, optimization, prototyping, and control of entire devices or their key components.

And not only that. Electrical engineering is a creative field that gives opportunities not only to engineers, but also to managers, leaders, and team players. Do you want to be employed in an engineering position? To manage a technology company? Do you want to start your own startup? Be signed off on groundbreaking patents? Electrical engineering is the answer!

We offer Master's and Doctoral degrees in English.

At our Faculty, you can structure your studies in such a way that you become top experts in the following areas:

  • robotics,
  • electronics,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • e-mobility, 
  • smart homes,
  • renewable energy,
  • smart grids,
  • space technologies,
  • information and communication technologies,
  • sensors and diagnostics,
  • nuclear and conventional energy,
  • smart textiles and materials,
  • computer modelling,
  • industrial technologies, 
  • and much more.

Enter the world of electrical engineering is full of creativity and innovation!

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