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In the academic year 2023/2024, only the doctoral study programme in English is open. Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are offered only in Czech.

Study in the heart of Europe! The Czech Republic ranks among the top ten safest countries in the world. The Pilsen region is known for its rich cultural, historical, and natural heritage. The city of Pilsen has close ties to industry and a long tradition of high-quality education. And it is the capital of beer - home to the world brand Pilsner Urquell.

Enter the world of cutting-edge technology and join us! 

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Graduates of the corresponding university master's degree have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia. This study represents the third, highest degree of university study, is full-time or combined (external), and its standard length is four years.

During the study, the state doctoral examination is passed within two years from the beginning, and the study is completed within four years by defending the dissertation. Graduates are awarded the academic title of "Doctor" (abbreviated to "Ph.D." after the name). All doctoral study programmes can also be studied in English at FEE. All study programmes are accessible to people with disabilities.

Doctoral study programme:

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 

Conditions for admission

The following conditions are required for admission:

  • completion of study on the Master study programme,
  • filing a fully completed application, including the required annexes,
  • payment of an administrative fee for the admission procedure,
  • successful completion of the admission interview.

Application for study

  • electronically at eprihlaska.zcu.cz,
  • fill in required data,
  • enclose the following annexes (in PDF format):
    • letter of intent,
    • structured CV in the format Europass,
    • university diploma; in the case of higher education undertaken abroad, the decision on the recognition of foreign education or confirmation of foreign education according to Dean’s Decree „Assessment of foreign education for the purposes of the admission procedure to the study programs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia“,
    • diploma supplement,
    • full version of the Master thesis,
    • in the case of foreigners - copy of passport.
  • we do not require a medical certificate of medical fitness,
  • the applicant has the right to state in the application that he/she is a person with special educational needs,
  • in exceptional cases it is possible to submit a paper application - do not forget to sign it.

Rules for attachments to doctoral study at FEE:

  • Electronically (preferred)
    • Scan the originals of the required documents to PDF and upload them when submitting the e-application in step 2, section Upload files required for you field of study.
    • If you do not yet have attachments available at the time of application, you can upload them later.
    • Choose appropriate file names to make attachments easy to identify.
    • Attachments can be uploaded individually or combined into a single file.
    • To upload attachments, use the Browse... button at the bottom of the page.
    • Confirm the upload of the file by clicking Save file.
    • Uploading attachments must be done by the deadlines.
    • A maximum of 12 files can be uploaded.
  • By post
    • copy the originals of the required documents.
    • send copies to our faculty address: Study Office of FEE UWB, Ing. Jana Čečilová, Univerzitní 26, 301 00, Plzeň.
  • Personally
    • copy the originals of the required documents.
    • go to the Study Office - 1st floor, office No. EU211 - Ing. Jana Čečilová

Payment of the administrative fee

  • The administrative fee for the admission procedure is 500 CZK = 20 EUR = 22 USD
  • The fee can be paid by bank transfer, cash at a bank or at the UWB cash desk, or by postal order.
  • Information on the bank transfer:
    • bank code: 0100
    • IBAN - CZK: CZ8101000000004811530257
    • IBAN - EUR: CZ0401000000004845500267
    • IBAN - USD: CZ3201000000004845490257
    • variable symbol: 2275000121
    • specific symbol: generated number for the application in the case of an electronically filed application or the applicant's birth number without a slash in the case of a paper application.
  • Proof of payment is required only for applications made on paper.

Admission interview

  • The interview is held with the candidate present in person, in front of a committee appointed by the Dean but can also be conducted by means of a videoconference.
  • The admission interview takes place in the language of the study program for which the applicant is applying.
  • During the interview, the committee will ask the candidate questions with regard to the field of study and the general topic for which the candidate applies.
  • Each applicant is asked three questions by the committee. Each response will be assessed by the Committee using the following grades: "Passed" or "Failed".
  • The candidate will have successfully passed the admission interview if he/she receives a "Passed" grade for minimally two answers.

Recognition of foreign education

In the case of foreign education, it is necessary to submit the decision on the recognition of foreign education.

The applicant can use one of the following options:

  1. Filling in and confirming the form Confirmation of foreign education according to the Dean's Decree - Assessment of foreign education for the purposes of the admission procedure to the study programs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia.
  2. submission of the Decision on the Recognition of Foreign Education, so-called Nostrification.

Everything has to be done within the relevant deadlines.


Admission procedure dates

Deadline for submitting the application - 15 June 2023

Deadline for submitting the required annexes to the application - 15 June 2023

Deadline for payment of the administrative fee - 15 June 2023

Date for admission interview - 29 June 2023

Deadline for verification of the admission procedure requirements - 10 July 2023


Tuition fee and scholarship program

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for studying in English is 4,000 EUR per year. The payment must be made to the specific deadline before the
enrollment in the study, in one payment once a year (If the Visa is not issued, the payment is fully refundable. Any other serious reasons will be assessed individually).


1) Scholarship based on the fulfillment of the individual study plan

The special scholarship in the doctoral study program in the first two years of study is
dependent on the fulfillment of the individual study plan as follows:

  • For each completed exam during the first 1.5 years of study, the student receives
    800 EUR, a maximum of 4,000 EUR in total (If all the exams are not completed within 1.5 years of the study, the student loses the claim to further awards described in paragraph 1 a).
  • After successful completion of the state doctoral examination within two years, the
    student receives a scholarship of 4,000 EUR (If the state doctoral exam is not completed within the first two years of the study, the student loses the claim to the scholarship described in paragraph 1 b).

Special scholarship in the doctoral study program in the following years:

  • 3rd year: scholarship of 2,000 EUR.  
  • 4th year: scholarship of 3,000 EUR.  
  • 5th year: scholarship of 2,000 EUR.  

2) Accommodation scholarship

  • The students are entitled to the accommodation scholarship after enrollment and entry into
    the study. The amount of the scholarship is set by the Rector's decree for each quarter and is
    approx.  600 CZK per month (25 EUR). It applies only to the academic months, i.e., September
    to June.

3) START‐UP scholarship for excellent students

This scholarship is awarded to the freshly enrolled Ph.D. students in programs taught in English, who
have not previously studied at FEE. The evaluation is based on the written motivation letter, CV, and
diploma supplement, which confirm excellent previous study results. It is assessed individually by the
dean of the Faculty.  
The scholarship is paid for a maximum of four months (first semester) in the amount of 5,000 CZK
(200 EUR) per month.

4) Involvement in projects

After the first six months of study, the supervisor can suggest that the student is included in the
research project. The assessment is individual and depends on the student's abilities and current
capacity. Participation in the project is rewarded according to the amount of time and the job title.

5) Individual scholarship

Students also have the possibility of receiving a special scholarship depending on the fulfillment of the
individual study plan, excellent study or work results, other school activities, publishing activities, etc.
Allocation of this scholarship is assessed on the basis of the supervisor's proposal; the decision to grant
this scholarship is in the hands of the head of the department or the dean of FEE.

Specific conditions of scholarships are defined in the Dean's decrees.




Every applicant for study and FEE student has the opportunity to apply for accommodation in the UWB dormitory. The application must be submitted again for each academic year. The application is submitted electronically on the SKM website according to the relevant Accommodation Schedule. The nearest dormitories are about a 15-minute walk from the university campus in Bory. Accommodation services for students are provided at the UWB by the Administration of Dormitories and Canteens of the UWB in Pilsen (SKM) - http://skm.zcu.cz.

We help foreign students arrange accommodation in the dormitory. Contact us if you are interested in this type of accommodation.


If you prefer a higher standard of living, you can find private accommodation anywhere in the city, or use the Heimstaden apartment complex, which is located near the University.


Terms for Admission for Ph.D. Applicants

How to apply?

You apply electronically at eprihlaska.zcu.cz and upload the required annexes. The application is open until June 15, 2023.


What do I have to submit?

When you apply and fill in the electronic application, do not forget to upload also the following documents in pdf format:

  • letter of intent,
  • structured CV in the format Europass,
  • university diploma; in the case of higher education undertaken abroad, the decision on the recognition of foreign education or confirmation of foreign education according to Dean’s Decree „Assessment of foreign education for the purposes of the admission procedure to the study programs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia“,
  • diploma supplement,
  • full version of the Master thesis,
  • copy of passport,
  • certificate of recognition of foreign education or confirmation of foreign education according to Dean’s Decree „Assessment of foreign education for the purposes of the admission procedure to the study programs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia“. You can find the document here,
  • a certificate of completion of the English language examination at B1 level (TOEIC, IELTS, FCE, ECL, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo) - does not apply to applicants whose native language is English and/or secondary school graduates with a degree program in English (confirmation from secondary school required)

Is there any entrance exam I have to pass?

The candidates applying for the Doctoral study programme will have to undergo the Admission interview, held in front of the appointed committee, personally or in the form of a videoconference. The details of the interview content are described below on this website in the section Doctoral Studies.


How long does the study last?

The standard length of the Ph.D. / Doctoral study programme is 4 years.


How much will the study cost?

The tuition fee in English study programs is 4,000 EUR per year.


I am entitled to a scholarship?

Of course! The most generous is the scholarship for study results, where if you study hard and well, you can get up to 4,000 EUR per year, after your study results are evaluated at the end of the academic year. We also offer accommodation scholarships, a start-up scholarship for excellent previous study results, or other various scholarships assessed and granted individually. In total, you can obtain up to 4,500 EUR per year. See the full description on this website in the section Tuition fee and Scholarship program.


How do I apply for the visa, what will I need?

In order to speed up your application for an appointment at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country, we will place you in the so-called “Student mode” immediately after the decision on your admission to the Faculty, thanks to which you will get the appointment in the shortest possible time.

To apply for the Visa, you will need documents issued by the University and then other documents required by the Embassy, which are listed on their website.

Immediately after you are admitted to study, we will send you the Decision on admission, Accommodation contract, and, if necessary, documents related to the up-to-date medical or other situation (e.g. COVID-19, etc.).

When you are invited for the interview at the Embassy, be prepared to answer questions related to the study programme you have chosen, our University and Faculty, your motivation to study in the Czech Republic, etc. If you are not sure about your answers, check our websites and/or contact us for more details.


By when do I have to arrive?

If you apply for the Doctoral study programme, it is assessed individually, but it should not be later than by the end of October.


How to get to Pilsen?

You will arrive at the international airport in Prague. Pilsen is about 100 km far from Prague and accessible by bus, train, or taxi.

Check your bus/train schedule from Prague to Pilsen.


Will someone help me when I arrive?

Sure! We have a central International Office of the University, which will help you with most issues you may face. Moreover, you will also get full support from our Faculty Office for International Relations and Communication, where you can always find help with your problems, assistance with everyday issues, or answers to your questions.

Upon your arrival, we will help you with accommodation, opening your Czech bank account, advising with a Czech SIM card, orientation on the campus and the city, etc.


What are the living costs?

The Czech Republic is a very affordable country. Quality of education is comparable to countries in the world and the living costs will not put you down 😉 Check the average expenses for yourself:


Fees borne by the student

Approximate amount (EUR)

Medical Insurance Fee 

450-540 per year (depending on the insurance company)

Accommodation at the UWB dormitory

90-130 per month

Accommodation in a private apartment

210 per month

Public transport card 

11 per month


Food (UWB canteen and own)

130 per month

Other - study materials, cultural events, etc.

70 per month


Where will I live?

The University of West Bohemia has several dormitories around the city, all of them easily accessible by foot or by public transit. The price for the accommodation at UWB dormitories is very favorable and includes all utilities and wi-fi. The accommodation at the UWB dormitory is guaranteed for international students, and you will get a contract prior to your arrival which you will need for your Visa application.

If you prefer a higher standard of living, you can find private accommodation anywhere around the city, or use the Heimstaden company which has an apartment house located near the University.


How does it work with the city traffic?

The city transport system is very advanced in Pilsen. You can get anywhere around the city in a blink of an eye. It is safe, fast, and cheap. 


What can I do in my free time?

Pilsen is a university city with plenty of opportunities how to enjoy your student life. There are plenty of ways how to spend your free time – visit theatres, cinemas, or museums, play various sports in gyms or outdoor playgrounds, go walking, running, or hiking in beautiful natural resorts around the city, and many other options.


Can I take a spouse / family member / friend with me?

It is up to you. And literally, in everything 😊

The services we provide for international students do not include any services and facilities for accompanying spouses or other dependents.  All additional expenses and care are the responsibility of the student. The Faculty makes no representation or warranty in relation to visa, accommodation, and other rights of residence of any accompanying spouses and/or dependents.


Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Contact us at apply@fel.zcu.cz, we are here to support, advise and help you with everything!