Hit the road!

Do you want to improve your foreign language? Get to know another culture? Also, get non-Pilsen experiences from college? Or just experience another country?

We have concluded contracts with many colleges and universities worldwide, where it is possible to go and get an exciting experience! From time to time, there is an interesting offer of scholarship stays based on international agreements. The courses are eligible within the studied study program, and what about the cost of the stay? You can survive well!

So don't hesitate and hit the road!

How to apply

1) Choose your country, university, and a semester of departure.
2) Contact Ing. Jana Čečilová and write your name, chosen destination and semester of departure and contact phone number in the e-mail)
3) Get registered on www.portal.zcu.cz
4) Click on My study → ECTS trips → Offer of trips → Academic year 2021/2022 → Apply
5) Upload the relevant mandatory documents for the tender

List of countries

View the list of partner institutions of the faculty within the Erasmus + and Freemovers programs.

Erasmus or Freemovers?

Your internship can be funded from either Erasmus or Freemovers. The Erasmus program is used for internships within the EU, while the Freemovers program is used for trips to the rest of the world.

More information about the programs:

http://international.zcu.cz/erasmus/ (in Czech language)

http://international.zcu.cz/freemovers/ (in Czech language)


How can I apply for a study internship?

Follow the announced tenders on our website, and at the same time, we will let you know by email.


What do I have to fulfill on my return?

You must adhere to the agreed length of study stay given by the participant's contract (LA) and complete the enrolled courses in the range of at least 20 ECTS credits, as evidenced by the document Transcript of Records issued and confirmed by the host university.

You can find more detailed information at http://international.zcu.cz/erasmus/studijni_staz_page/ (in Czech language)


Will I have to do any courses again?

It's up to you. If you choose courses that roughly match your FEE study plan for a given semester, we will recognize those courses and credits, and you do not have to extend your studies. The choice of subjects must be consulted before leaving with the Vice-Dean for Educational Activities, doc. Ing. Roman Pechánek, Ph.D. However, if the selected courses are different from your study plan, only credits can be recognized, and you must pass the exams upon your return.


Will I have enough money?

A lot depends on the chosen destination and the way of living, eating, spending free time, etc. Experience shows that a large part of the costs will usually be covered by the allocated funds (however, you should count on one of your pocket money)..


Can I extend my stay?

Yes, you can, you can spend up to two semesters studying abroad in one study cycle.

More detailed information on extending your stay can be found at http://international.zcu.cz/erasmus/studijni_staz_page/


Why go out at all?

You will gain experience in life that no one will ever take from you. You will improve your language, get to know new places, people, and culture, learn to make decisions, act on your own in a foreign environment, and make new friends and contacts. The foreign experience will also tell your future employer that you are a person who is not afraid to try new things and can deal with a difficult situation on your own.


Can I take a boyfriend / girlfriend with me?

It is up to you. And literally, in everything 😊


Will I understand?

Check the language level requirements at the selected university. In most cases, they are not larger than B2, sometimes even B1. Some universities require a certificate but don't worry; if you have completed the AEL6 course, it is enough to confirm level B2. If you still have doubts, come, and we will advise you.


Didn't find the answer to your question?

Come and ask, we will be happy to advise and help you with everything!



Scholarships for study stays or practical internships within the framework of contracts concluded for individual fields of UWB faculties; Applicants must apply for a selection procedure within the Department/Faculty of the UWB according to the area of study. For lists of Erasmus + contracts, see the UWB International Office website. Newly in Erasmus from 1 September 2021, the possibility of a short-term internship for doctoral students lasting 5-30 days.

Erasmus+: https://www.naerasmusplus.cz/cz/mobilita-osob-vysokoskolske-vzdelavani/pro-studenty/
List of contracts: https://www.international.zcu.cz/cs/Cooperation/Erasmus/


INTER (FreeMover)

Scholarships for study stays at foreign universities within the framework of bilateral agreements of the UWB or even outside the concluded agreements. Min. length of stay 30 days; suitable for the preparation of the dissertation, candidates must apply for a selection procedure within the Department/Faculty of the UWB according to the field of study. 

Inter (FreeMovers): https://www.international.zcu.cz/cs/Student/Study_visit/Inter/
Bilateral agreements of the UWB: https://www.international.zcu.cz/cs/Cooperation/University_contracts/


DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service)

Scholarships for study stays in Germany.

DAAD: https://www.daad.cz/en/



Support for cooperation projects and the Program of Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Czech Republic and Austria; scholarships for study stay in Austria for the preparation of a dissertation. 

AKTION: https://www.dzs.cz/en/program/aktion-austria-czech-republic/foreign-exchange-stays


Barrande Fellowship Program

A scholarship program to support the trips of Czech doctoral students to France; doctorate under double supervision for a maximum of 3 years or scholarships for a research internship for 1-3 months. 

Barrande Fellowship Program: https://www.dzs.cz/en/program/barrande-fellowship-program/foreign-exchange-stays



Scholarships for trips for 1-2 months for the preparation of dissertation work at universities in 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 

CEEPUS: https://www.dzs.cz/en/program/ceepus/foreign-exchange-stays


Scholarships of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports according to quotas for universities

Scholarships for study stays in 30 countries within the framework of intergovernmental agreements (apart from Europe also Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Japan); quotas, i.e., the number of places and countries of study are always offered for a specific public university in a table published on the DZS website. 

Scholarships of the Ministry of Education: https://www.dzs.cz/en/program/academic-information-agency/foreign-exchange-stays
DZS table: https://www.dzs.cz/sites/default/files/2020-10/Rozpis%20kv%C3%B3t%20pro%20akademick%C3%BD%20rok%202021-2022.pdf


Fulbright scholarship programs

Scholarships for study or research stay in preparation for the dissertation.

Fulbright scholarship programs: https://www.fulbright.cz/en/fulbright-scholarships/basic-information/


EEA and Norway funds

Scholarships for study stay in Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

EEA and Norway funds: https://www.eeagrants.cz/en/


Special offers