Come and experience Pilsen!

Spend a semester or two in the Capital of beer!

Do you want to get to know a different culture and study in the heart of Europe? Great!

Pilsen is a city with more than 700 years of history, where you will find many cultural, social, sports, and outdoor experiences. You will meet friendly people here, and studying and living costs will not cost you.

How to apply

If you are interested in a short-term internship, contact your university faculty coordinator, who will guide you through the process. The courses you can study with us in English are listed below in the documents.

How do I apply for the visa, what will I need?

In order to speed up your application for an appointment at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country, we will place you in the so-called “Student mode” immediately after the decision on your admission to the Faculty, thanks to which you will get the appointment in the shortest possible time.

To apply for the Visa, you will need documents issued by the University and then other documents required by the Embassy, which are listed on their website.

Immediately after you are admitted to study, we will send you the Decision on admission, Accommodation contract, and, if necessary, documents related to the up-to-date medical or other situation (e.g. COVID-19, etc.).

When you are invited for the interview at the Embassy, be prepared to answer questions related to the study programme you have chosen, our University and Faculty, your motivation to study in the Czech Republic, etc. If you are not sure about your answers, check our websites and/or contact us for more details.


By when do I have to arrive?

If you apply for the Doctoral study programme, it is assessed individually, but it should not be later than by the end of October.


How to get to Pilsen?

You will arrive at the international airport in Prague. Pilsen is about 100 km far from Prague and accessible by bus, train, or taxi.

Check your bus/train schedule from Prague to Pilsen.


Will someone help me when I arrive?

Sure! We have a central International Office of the University, which will help you with most issues you may face. Moreover, you will also get full support from our Faculty Office for International Relations and Communication, where you can always find help with your problems, assistance with everyday issues, or answers to your questions.

Upon your arrival, we will help you with accommodation, opening your Czech bank account, advising with a Czech SIM card, orientation on the campus and the city, etc.


What are the living costs?

The Czech Republic is a very affordable country. Quality of education is comparable to countries in the world and the living costs will not put you down 😉 Check the average expenses for yourself:


Fees borne by the student

Approximate amount (EUR)

Medical Insurance Fee 

450-540 per year (depending on the insurance company)

Accommodation at the UWB dormitory

90-130 per month

Accommodation in a private apartment

210 per month

Public transport card 

11 per month


Food (UWB canteen and own)

130 per month

Other - study materials, cultural events, etc.

70 per month


Where will I live?

The University of West Bohemia has several dormitories around the city, all of them easily accessible by foot or by public transit. The price for the accommodation at UWB dormitories is very favorable and includes all utilities and wi-fi. The accommodation at the UWB dormitory is guaranteed for international students, and you will get a contract prior to your arrival which you will need for your Visa application.

If you prefer a higher standard of living, you can find private accommodation anywhere around the city, or use the Heimstaden company which has an apartment house located near the University.


How does it work with the city traffic?

The city transport system is very advanced in Pilsen. You can get anywhere around the city in a blink of an eye. It is safe, fast, and cheap. 


What can I do in my free time?

Pilsen is a university city with plenty of opportunities how to enjoy your student life. There are plenty of ways how to spend your free time – visit theatres, cinemas, or museums, play various sports in gyms or outdoor playgrounds, go walking, running, or hiking in beautiful natural resorts around the city, and many other options.


Can I take a spouse / family member / friend with me?

It is up to you. And literally, in everything 😊

The services we provide for international students do not include any services and facilities for accompanying spouses or other dependents.  All additional expenses and care are the responsibility of the student. The Faculty makes no representation or warranty in relation to visa, accommodation, and other rights of residence of any accompanying spouses and/or dependents.


Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Contact us at apply@fel.zcu.cz, we are here to support, advise and help you with everything!