Final project (KEx/ZPR)

One of the conditions for successful completion of studies is the preparation and submission of a final thesis developed within the Final Project course, which the student typically chooses in the 3rd year of the summer semester from the compulsory elective Final Project block.

Which Department to choose?

As part of the pre-enrolment materials, a table is published with an overview of the framework topics that can be addressed in the ZPR courses - Final Project.

The student chooses a topic that interests him/her and accordingly enrols in a ZPR course from the relevant Department.

By prior arrangement with the teacher, it is also possible to work on your own topic.


How and when to enrol in a ZPR course?

The student enrols in the course during the pre-enrolment according to the announced dates.


How do I get a particular topic?

The particular topic is assigned to the student in agreement with the teacher in the context of the ZPR course. A topic/work superviser is always assigned to the topic.

By prior arrangement with the teacher, it is also possible to work on your own topic.


Preparation of the final ZPR thesis

The project in the form of a term paper is prepared by the student independently based on the assigned topic and the instructions of the relevant teacher. He/she can use consultations with the respective topic/work supervisor.

Scope of work: technical - min. 10 standard pages, research - min. 25 standard pages.

The elaboration of the thesis is proportionally subject to the Methodology of elaboration of the qualification thesis and its template given by the Dean's Decree No. 10D/2021 - Study in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, and its Annex No. 2 - Template and methodology of writing the qualification thesis.


Submission of the final ZPR thesis

The student submits the thesis according to the instructions of the relevant teacher and the deadline set by him/her, no later than the last teaching week of the semester.


Evaluation of the final ZPR thesis

The project evaluation is carried out by the designated topic/work supervisor.

The ZPR course ends with a 10-minute defence of the thesis in front of an expert committee of the guaranteeing Department (minimum of two members).

In case of a successful defence, the student receives credit from the ZPR course.