When did you graduate from FEE?

In 1999. 

What field did you study at FEE? 

It was a branch of Electrical Power Engineering. 

Why did you decide to study at FEE? 

I have always been interested in this issue. 

How would you evaluate the approach and support from the Faculty - teachers, course guarantors? 

I evaluate everything very well, I don't remember any problems. 

And how would you rate the approach and support of the Study Office? 

Also excellent. 

How do you retrospectively evaluate the quality of the studied courses? 

To the third and again - as excellent. 

How do you evaluate the possibility of involvement in research activities during your studies at FEE? 

There were some offers, but I didn't use them. 

Did you work while studying? Internships, involvement in activities at the Faculty or employment outside the Faculty? 

I participated as an assistant in the creation of study materials at the Department. 

Did the UWB / FEE help you with the development of your skills for future careers - domestic and foreign internships, language courses, etc.? Can you give an example? 

Yes. I completed internships at power plants in the Czech Republic. 

Is there something that you lacked in the scope of study with regard to future employment in the labor market? 

I didn't miss anything. 

How did you look for a job after graduation? 

I took advantage of the offer of the Secondary technical school in Kutná Hora for the position of a teacher of vocational subjects after completing the civil service. 

Do you work in the region where you come from? 


Do you work in the field you studied? 

Also yes. 

What is your current job position? 

I am a teacher of vocational subjects. 

What was your starting salary? 

10 - 20 ths. 

What is your current monthly income? 

35 - 45 ths. 

What do you think is the biggest benefit of studying at FEE? 

Professional information and experience from excellent teachers. 

How do you evaluate the overall level and quality of education obtained at the UWB / FEE? 

As excellent. 

Would you recommend FEE to those interested in studying and why? 

Yes, I can only recommend FEE in Pilsen!