What is the year of graduation from your FEE? 

I graduated in 1975 at the then University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen (predecessor of today's FEE). 

What field did you study at FEE? 

It was a branch of heavy current electrical engineering with a focus on the use of electricity. 

Why did you decide to study at FEE? 

Since childhood, I was interested in technology, so I studied at the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Tábor and continued to the University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen. 

How would you rate the approach and support from the school - teachers, course guarantors? 

The teachers were demanding, strict, and objective. Specifically, they were accommodating to students in listing the dates of exams or qualified credits. 

How would you rate the approach and support from the Study Office? 

Actually, there wasn't much to deal with. The rules were fixed (exams - number of attempts, deadlines, conditions for advancement to the next year, perhaps only 1 exam could be postponed until October).  

How do you evaluate the quality of the studied courses? 

The quality of the technical courses is generally at the highest level. Teachers from the academic community were great personalities, e.g. prof. Langer, assoc. Kožený - Electric Heat, doc. Kule - Electric Drives, prof. Vondrášek - Power Electronics, prof. Mayer - Electrical Circuits and others.  

The connection with practice was provided by leading experts from Skoda plants. 

How do you evaluate the possibility of involvement in research activities during your studies at FEL? 

Students had the opportunity to participate as research assistants in the Departments. 

Did you work during your studies? Any internships, involvement in faculty activities, employment outside the faculty? 

I did not work due to time constraints; I tried to achieve the best possible study results. 

Did the UWB / FEE help you develop your skills for your future career? For example, domestic and foreign internships, language courses, etc.? Can you give an example? 

I participated only in domestic excursions. 

Is there something that you lacked in the scope of study with regard to future employment in the labor market? 

No, I didn't miss anything.

How did you look for a job after graduation? 

During my studies I worked at Kovosvit Sezimovo Ústí during the holidays, so after graduation I logically continued to work here in the Department of electrical machine tool design.  

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation? 

See the previous question - I started working immediately. 

Do you work in the region where you come from? 

No, I don't. 

Do you work in the field you studied? 

I use a lot of knowledge from the field I studied.  

What is your current position? 

I work as a teacher of vocational courses. 

What was your starting salary?   

I guess about 1700 CZK. 

What is your current monthly income?  

Around 30,000. 

What is the biggest benefit for you from studying at FEE?  

Acquiring perfect knowledge, guidance to independence, personal responsibility. 

How do you evaluate the overall level and quality of education received at UWB / FEE? 

The teaching of both theoretical and practical courses (theoretical, practical tutorials) was at the highest level. 

Would you recommend FEL to those interested in studying? And why? 

I definitely would and I do recommend it - my son is also a FEE graduate!