Václav Mužík – Erasmus in London

I'll start with the important one - Erasmus in London is an experience that I come back to in my memories almost every day, and it will soon have been 4 years. 

Trying to live away from home, in a new culture, without your friends, family, mother tongue, is an adventure that is not easily forgotten. I chose London because I like England and I wanted to get to know education and experience what it would be like to live there. Since I wanted to travel and save something on dormitory equipment, my other colleague and I went by car. When I arrived in London, I wondered if anyone was waiting for me at night, if they knew about me (despite the emails we exchanged). Half an hour after my arrival, I was already sitting with my laptop connected to Eduroam and logging in to the UWB Webmail. During the year, I was involved in working on projects for my Ph.D. and had the opportunity to work with data from, for example, the electricity system of Nigeria. The output project was a presentation on the stability of the Czech electricity system at the English transmission system operator. During our studies, we traveled all over England, Scotland and Wales. Erasmus showed me that things could be done differently than we are used to. I'm not saying that Erasmus is for everyone, but if you want to develop yourself and add value to your studies, it's almost a duty for modern people.

As one photo, I chose a photo with my neighbor, a Ph.D. student from Baghdad, to whom I cooked sirloin with cream sauce and dumplings last night. He insisted that I try on their traditional clothes.

Václav Mužík