Ondřej Valter – Erasmus in Greece

I heard about Erasmus from friends who offered to go to Greece with them for a semester, but I still didn't know if to go or not. I wondered if it was a shame when there was a chance. Finally, I thought, why wouldn't I go? I'M GOING!

As soon as I signed up and filled out the documents, I started to look forward to it. To a new environment, to having to take care of myself in a foreign country.

But I didn't really know what I was getting into. I didn't know if I would understand, how the school would go there, if I would have enough money, etc.

To apply for Erasmus, it was enough to fill in some documents and Erasmus to approve of me. It was also necessary to open an Erasmus account with the commercial bank, to which I subsequently received the money. Everything was quite quick and straightforward to manage.

We got accommodation from acquaintances who were in Greece a year before us. We agreed with the owners on a date, and they even picked us up at the airport. The accommodation was relatively cheap, on the city's outskirts, but sometimes there was only cold water, the electricity went out, not so pretty, but it was doable.

We had a good time at school. The first day we came to get registered, we filled out some documents and received info about the study. There was no problem with the language in general, it was understandable, and the school tasks were fine also thanks to the fact that we were 4 Czechs here. We always went to school for only a few hours a day and did various tasks and projects at home.

The money was not a problem in general. It was easy to live, we shopped in Lidl, which was not far from our house, and sometimes we went to parties.

The classic day went by having breakfast in the morning, then going to school. We were at school for a few hours, then we had lunch, and we could go home or to the city. In the afternoon we usually went to the sea or did homework. In the evening, we exercised, ran, did fitness, or went to the city. At the weekend we went on trips or to the city. We had an Erasmus site in FB in our town, where various parties, football, etc., were arranged. We were also on a several-day CRETE TRIP, which several hundred students attended from all over the world. I RECOMMEND IT. We went around the whole of Crete and visited a lot of beautiful places.

Erasmus was great. I improved my English, visited many great places and met a lot of people I still write with.

I extended my study because of Erasmus. If I had decided earlier to go to Erasmus, I would have planned the school differently, not to have to extend. But I don't regret it. It was worth it.

I would go to Erasmus again, definitely to the sea and in the summer semester.

I recommend everyone participate in Erasmus at least once in their lives because you get sponsored by money. It costs you almost nothing. You will gain a lot of experience, improve in a foreign language, and move one level further in life. GO FOR IT!